Imagine if you could help yourself and help the planet and help the economy. Well that is what happens when you eat organic local vegetables and fruits daily. Small actions that add up to big results.

  • Help Yourself

    Every day you build your health with the food that you eat. Eating 6-a-day combined vegetable (4) and fruit(2) servings is the key to maintaining your health. Strange then, that hardly any of us do (see BC Food Self Reliance report, Consumer Reading Room section of this web site). Eat your daily servings and pay the farmers well or get sick and pay the big drug companies. Which would you prefer? Eating organic vegetables and fruits daily builds your health.

  • Help The Planet

    Organic farming practices increase soil biodiversity. This biodiversity in the soil starts the chain of species that creates diversity throughout whole regions. Organic farming practices feed the soil life that are beneficial to crops. This lays the foundation for biodiversity in the soil and throughout regions where these practices are adopted. In the face of climate-change, it is biodiversity that creates resilience and ecological stability.

  • Help The Economy

    Sales of organic food are growing at 10% a year in Canada and the rest of the world says the 2015 World Organic Statistics and Trends report (IFOAM). Organic food sales are driven by demographics and can continue at this pace for the next 20 years or more. Organic local agri-food has the strongest economic multiplier of any sector in the Canadian economy, creating jobs and income and spending and investment. That is why we stand by our statement that organic food security creates prosperity.

Help Yourself

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