Slow Money

Is Slow Money a way for people to invest in organic food? Consumers need a safe place to put there savings that pays more then the banks. Farmers need patient lenders who believe in what they are doing. Organic agri-food is one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors in the Canadian economy.

Eating organic BC grown vegetables is one of the best investments you can make in your health. Could investing in organic farmers be one of the best ways to see healthy growth in your savings, too?

Several profitable farm land trusts exist in Canada that have returned 10% a year for several years. The Canadian Pension Plan bought one of them several years ago. Is there a way that strong organic consumers can invest in BC organic farmers?

Nothing is set up now. It could start with something as simple as a jointly owned bank account with trusted people in charge. Strong organic consumers with money are starting to wonder out loud how they can invest in organic food.

Slow Money started with venture capitalists in the USA. They wanted to support organic farmers as a way to promote sustainable development that does not destroy the planet.

The money is used by farmers to purchase what is needed to reliably increase the food supply from year to year. Things like equipment or cold storage or extra labour would all be good investments to increase food production capacity.
If the people lending the money are also the ones buying the increased supply, then the farmer has a secure market. The consumers who invest in organic farmers also can see how their investment will pay dividends. Investing in food production capacity is also a great way for consumers to help themselves secure their own food supply into the future.

Organic investors want a return on their money but they also want to help young food producers. The young urban farmers who grow vegetables to sell directly to consumers need more flexible financing then what banks provide.

Can we work together to develop a slow money fund to help farmers and ourselves too?