Bioregional News3


The Harker family has been growing food in the southern end on the Okanagan Basin since 1886. They started raising cattle for the gold miners in the Cariboo. Now they have a number of enterprises on the expanded homestead.

A farm is alive and it grows and develops. Harker’s Organics has evolved the same way and the fourth generation has taken over.

The current generation of Harkers were selected a few years back as the best Young Farmers in Canada. That gives me confidence in the future knowing that good tasting organic local food will continue to be available in this bio-region.

Isn’t that something we should be celebrating? How can we support the growth of even more dedicated farm families like the people pictured above?

Their handler business packs fruit from several growers as well as from their own farm. Today they also have the organic Barn Door Bistro where people can eat within the stunning scenery of the southern Similkameen region.

Get to know the bio-region you live in. Give yourself a real treat and go to the Rustic Roots Winery and Cidery in Caswton (near Keremeos), BC – part of Harker’s Organics.

It is a wonderful drive down from Kelowna or up from Vancouver. See living history in the present as the Harker family invites you to their historic and yet thoroughly modern farm. I can’t wait to go down there again !