Father – Homesteader – Gardener – Organic Inspector, and now Entrepreneur
Why produce this web site as part of a for profit social enterprise?

The 1st Winter on the land taught me a valuable lesson. I was homesteading to be independent but instead learned that we are all inter-dependent. If we don’t help each other no one else will, not Government or Big Corporations.

I’m concerned about what kind of a world my daughters will inherit. Present trends are not encouraging. What can we do to change things. Is change even possible?

Ghandi said Be The Change You Want To See.

Eat organic local vegetables, fruits and other foods daily. Buy them as close to the farmers as you can. Shift away from the industrial agri-food complex. Move towards a biological agri-food network, based on bioregions.

This is how real change occurs – slowly but surely, like a fruit tree grows from a little transplant.

Our business goal is to help people adopt carbon capture practices in their lives, starting with food. We want to build an online community with projects on the ground. Can we capture carbon in homes, on city streets, within wetlands and waterways? Ranchers and farmers have a great role to play. They need help to adopt carbon capture practices.

Can we build something enduring for our children?

My big-city wife and I homesteaded with our 2 daughters near Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway. We learned first hand how nutrient dense foods can support your family through challenges.