Things Change

We are going to pause introducing you to organic operators in the Thompson – Okanagan. Instead, we are going to explore a different area and see what organic local vegetable farms exist there.

These are some of the food security questions we want answers to ;

What organic local vegetables and fruits are available in this region?
Are there young urban farmers selling vegetables directly to consumers at the farmer’s market?
Does the municipal government actively support urban farmers as a way to build food security?

Circumstances have given us an opportunity to spend some time in a different region from the one we have lived in for 22 years. Things change and we adapt and move forward.

The Okanagan Basin is an irrigated desert where vegetables and fruits can be grown in the valleys between 2 mountain ranges. This new place is in dry range land near the eastern foot hills of the Rocky Mountains. Weather affects food production. Winters here are long and severe compared to the Okanagan Basin.

Can urban farmers here meet the challenges of this extreme weather?

I am looking forward to seeing the farmer’s market and talking with the farmers of this region. Join us and get to know the farmers of this region and help answer key food security questions.