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The following lists are arranged by key idea themes eg. Healthy Eating and are designed to make it easier to... View Article

BioRegionNEWS Eagle Creek Farms

This certified organic farm went through the process of transition from conventional. This means a change in farming practices and... View Article

Carbon Capture Food Labels

Here are some labels that can help you find carbon capture food, especially meat in Alberta: 1. Grass Fed label... View Article

Carbon Capture Food Production

Plants take carbon dioxide from the air and, powered by sunlight, turn it into carbohydrates for energy use. They also... View Article

Food for Self Reliance

This is a list of vegetables and fruits that together form the basis of a survival diet, if no food... View Article

The Art of Bee-keeping

When I saw bee sculptures by a Canadian artist, Dawn Detarando, who is concerned with environmental issues impacting local bees,... View Article

BioRegionNEWS Root and regenerate Urban Farms

We started buying vegetables from the Hillhurst farmer’s market, in Calgary and this grower was one of the farmers there.... View Article


Plums (Prunus domestica) are sometimes called Italian plums even though they originate in the area around the Caspian Sea called... View Article


CHERRY (Prunus avium) originates in the area around the Caspian sea in a part of the world called the Caucasus... View Article


Saskatoons Saskatoons (Amelanchier alnifolia) are a native plant of North America and have been widely used by indigenous peoples in... View Article


Apple (Malus Domestica) is another food crop that comes from Central Asia. The mountain forests around Almaty, in Kazakhstan, are... View Article


Love Grows Wild ranch uses intensive rotational grazing practices (captures the most carbon) to grass finish their animals. They are... View Article