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Bioregional News3

HARKER’S ORGANICS The Harker family has been growing food in the southern end on the Okanagan Basin since 1886. They... View Article


A good summary of global food guide recommendations for vegetable and fruit daily servings is 6-a-day, 4 vegetables and 2... View Article


Selling what we make in the regions it is produced in, instead of exporting everything, is what we call bioregional.... View Article

High Nutrient Density

HIGH NUTRIENT DENSITY Food with a lot of nutrients per calorie is defined as nutrient dense. Some foods e.g. Garlic,... View Article


BIO-INTENSIVE The European Union defines bio-intensive as eco-functional intensification. The idea is to take a natural process and make it... View Article

Bio-region News

Bio-region News2 – Shushwap Agricultural Strategy Rebecca and Herman are organic farmers in the North Okanagan. They both worked with... View Article

Low Nutrient Density

Low nutrient density food has little nutrition per calorie. Sugar, fat and salt make up much of supermarket food. Lots... View Article

Terrible Trends

Childhood obesity in Canada is at epidemic levels. We are 3rd worst in the world after the USA and UK.... View Article

Organic Food Club

Organic food security would be a huge benefit for consumers and farmers and communities. Why has it not happened already?... View Article

Organic Food Security

At OK.O.S, we define organic food security as getting your 6-a-day organic local vegetables and fruits. This requires 5,000 square... View Article

Organic Food

BIOLOGICAL AGRI-FOOD NETWORK Is there an alternative to the present agri-food system? This industrial complex includes supermarkets/healthfood stores, transportation and... View Article

Bio-region News

The Thompson-Okanagan is well on it’s way to becoming a certified organic bio-region. * We want to celebrate this long... View Article