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Foods On Hand

Foods That Are Nutritious To Have On Hand source: adapted from Canadian Living article by Cara Rosenbloom, RD; Top 20... View Article

My Plate Adapted

My Plate is the latest version of the USA food guide. This recommends the daily servings needed for good nutrition... View Article

4 Daily Habits

Small daily habits can build up our health or break it down. The Japanese call this kind of slow change... View Article

Bioregion NEWS

Lund’s Organic Farm has been certified organic since 1988. Their web site says they grow cool season crops, like Carrots... View Article

One Inch of Topsoil

One inch of topsoil takes Great Nature over ten thousand years to produce. We can do this faster (see Bio-intensive... View Article

Nitrogen Balances

Grain farmers use nitrogen balances to see how much chemical fertilizer they need to get commercial yields of their crop.... View Article

Tilth Indicator

How can you assess the impacts of farming practices on soil structure? That is the challenge organic inspectors face at... View Article

Soil Health

Soil health is easy to say but hard to define. Let’s start with an observation. Healthy soil allows plant roots... View Article

Explore Farmer’s Market

Last post on the Bioregion News noted that things change and we would be exploring the farmer’s market here to... View Article

Youth Jobs

Youth unemployment in Canada (14-19 years of age) is almost double the general unemployment rate. Seniors have pushed young people... View Article


Water is the most important critical material needed for growing food. Orchards takes millions of gallons of water for each... View Article

Community Partners

Urban farmers need community partners to be successful. The most important community partners are landowners with small urban lots they... View Article