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BioRegionNEWS Eagle Creek Farms

This certified organic farm went through the process of transition from conventional. This means a change in farming practices and... View Article

BioRegionNEWS Root and regenerate Urban Farms

We started buying vegetables from the Hillhurst farmer’s market, in Calgary and this grower was one of the farmers there.... View Article


Love Grows Wild ranch uses intensive rotational grazing practices (captures the most carbon) to grass finish their animals. They are... View Article

BioregionNEWS Poplar Bluff Organics

Poplar Bluffs Organic farms is a long time certified organic operator. They have an established regional distribution system with smaller... View Article


The people at Sunworks Farm raise pork and chickens on pasture. Their meat makes the best pork and chicken sausages.... View Article

Bioregion NEWS

Lund’s Organic Farm has been certified organic since 1988. Their web site says they grow cool season crops, like Carrots... View Article

Explore Farmer’s Market

Last post on the Bioregion News noted that things change and we would be exploring the farmer’s market here to... View Article

Bio-Region NEWS4

Vale Farms The good people and cattle at Vale Farms are part of the solution to fighting climate change. Their... View Article

Bioregional News3

HARKER’S ORGANICS The Harker family has been growing food in the southern end on the Okanagan Basin since 1886. They... View Article

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Bio-region News2 – Shushwap Agricultural Strategy Rebecca and Herman are organic farmers in the North Okanagan. They both worked with... View Article

Bio-region News

The Thompson-Okanagan is well on it’s way to becoming a certified organic bio-region. * We want to celebrate this long... View Article