Youth Jobs

Youth unemployment in Canada (14-19 years of age) is almost double the general unemployment rate. Seniors have pushed young people... View Article

Urban Farmers

Young urban farmers use intensive biological practices to grow highly valued vegetables for direct sales to consumers. Under-used parcels of... View Article

Things Change

We are going to pause introducing you to organic operators in the Thompson – Okanagan. Instead, we are going to... View Article

Help the Planet

Organic farming uses beneficial farming practices to support the microbes that build healthy soil. Building healthy soil means capturing carbon... View Article

Municipal Partners

Municipal governments could be allies to small urban farmers to create win-win partnerships. Many of these small businesses could develop... View Article

School Food Program

School Food programs are effective at reducing the negative impacts of poverty on children. A January 2009 study, A National... View Article


Bio-intensive farming practices pull carbon from the atmosphere and turn it into deep rich soil. These carbon rich soils have... View Article


Selling what we make in the regions it is produced in, instead of exporting everything, is what we call bioregional.... View Article

Organic Food Club

Organic food security would be a huge benefit for consumers and farmers and communities. Why has it not happened already?... View Article