4 Daily Habits

Small daily habits can build up our health or break it down. The Japanese call this kind of slow change and development KAIZEN. After years working with mentally challenged people I noticed key things that helped or hurt them. Just common sense advice easy to find in many self-help articles and books.

How can all the little things that help be summarized in a way that is easy to remember and act on? This is my summary of observations based on working with people and watching my own children, as well as personal experience.

Do these things everyday to stay healthy and deal with life stresses (FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY):

EAT Right
MOVE Right

If you eat right then your body has the energy that it needs to move.
If you move right then your body gets the exercise it needs and can relax.
If you can relax at night then you will be able to sleep better.
If you sleep well then you have the life energy to think right.

Eat Right Starts With 6-a-day
Move Right Means Get Up Each Hour of Sitting and Walk Around A Bit
Sleep Right Means Keep A Good Schedule To Wind Down
Think Right Means Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Images

It is not magic and, yes, it can be hard work but these simple habits will help you get through the tough times and the good times with a smile on your face : )