Healthy eating is everyone’s goal. Why are we mostly failing, as obesity rates skyrocket? It turns out eating well is really hard to do.

Is there a link between food self reliance and what people eat? Could consumers hold the key to helping themselves eat well? Why is healthy eating so difficult?

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One consumer can affect their own daily eating habits and weekly food purchases. But, to be effective requires many consumers working together in a consistent way over a period of time.

Today, consumers and farmers are at the mercy of the industrial agri-food complex dominated by
for-profit-only corporations. You cannot change this system to be more favourable to families.
It is possible to build a biological agri-food network, based on bio-regions.
Examples of this are working now all over the world, including a few in BC, Canada.

Consumers and community partners working together for the benefit of farmers. That is the best way to
secure supply and price stability in the face of climate change. The drought in California is part of a
long term drying trend in the Western USA.

Are we ready to replace California imports with organic local vegetables and fruits?