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We start with an organic overview of research that supports the themes expressed on the home page of this web site:

BC Food Self-Reliance report

BC Food Self-reliance Report

BC was only 34% food secure in 2006. That is if recommended daily servings were eaten. The self-reliance report (see pg. 12), shows people are not even eating 5-a-day combined vegetable and fruit servings needed to protect against obesity.

27 Healthy and Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidenced-based by Kris Gunnars B.SC
Good Health Habits

A great list of habits that can maintain health. Notice what she says about eating vegetables and fruits daily.

ORGANIC 3.0; presentation by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

This is an excellent presentation on the Organic 3.0 ideas that are being discussed and adopted around the world. Organic 3.0 is about evolving standards into ongoing practices and people; not just farms, adopting an organic way of life.
Here are some key pages to read for a sense of what we each can do:
pg. 5 Global retail statistics
pg. 7 Young Farmer Champions
pg. 18 Global agriculture statistics
pg. 10 Organic PROBLEMS
pg. 26 Organic SOLUTIONS and pgs. 28, 29, 30 …