Food Security ANSWERS

Food Security Questions need answering. This is where the answers can be read. They have been lightly edited, without changing their meaning.

The GR 12 students from an Environment and Life Sciences class, Kelowna Senior Secondary (KSS), provided these answers on February 18, 2020.

WHAT does food security mean to you?
Group 1 said: sustainable practices produce food that is healthy and safe;
Group 2 said: having a sustainable source of food;
Group 3 said: sustainable practices so food industry lasts;
Group 4 said: sustainable practices lasting generations;
Group 5 said: prepare ag practices for the future;

WHY is food security important?
1 said: helps the environment, healthy farming and soil health;
2 said: necessary for sustainable food production;
3 said: no soil, no plants, no animals, no humans
4 said: ruin the planet run out of food; we die
5 said: prioritize now, to figure it out

WHO does the work to build food security and increase supply?
1 consumers influence production, farmers & government do the work;
2 farmers build food security;
3 local farmers;
4 consumers, producers and government;
5 public with their purchases and the farmers with their practices;

WHERE to start the food security conversations?
1 start within peers then a bigger audience;
2 the youth, they are the future;
3 peers , friends and family start the conversation;
4 young consumers;
5 in grocery stores, at dinner;

HOW to change the Industrial Agri-Food Complex?
1 eat organic local 6 a day vegetables & fruits to support carbon capture;
2 buy organic local;
3 research local farmers working towards food security;
4 support organic local vegetable farmers!;
5 learn what practices farmers you buy from use;

WHEN can the Thompson – Okanagan region become food secure?
Group 1 said: the sooner the better, when people help better farm practices;
2 the Thompson – Okanagan food secure in 10 – 20 years;
3 when people start buying ethically in our community 2030 – 2040;
4 when food sustainability is important ~ 10 – 15 years;
5 need fresh crops in winter, not from a greenhouse or imports;