Foods Eaten


Daily combined SERVINGS BC % Food CDN Certified BC Conventional Recommended Eaten Amount Self-Reliance Organic IMPORTS PRODUCTION Value 1986 2006 VEGETABLES 3.75 2.92 243 lbs/yr. 39% 13% $ 110 M $ 405 Million/Yr POTATO I 90 lbs/yr.2009 73 lbs/yr.1992 includes Fries & Chips LETTUCE 22 lbs/yr ONIONS 22 lbs/yr TOMATO 16 lbs/yr FRUIT 3.75 1.91 205 lbs/yr. 72% 49% $ 113 M $ 245 Million/Yr BANANA 65 lbs/yr. III II APPLE ORANGE Imports 31% APPLE Domestic20% total 45 lbs/yr GRAPES/ 20% MELONS I Please note increases in potato consumption especially as French Fries and Potato Chips, see how much aisle space is real potatoes and how much is french fries and potato chips, next time you visit the supermarket !! II Imports from California dominate Canadian vegetables and fruits eaten costing jobs and economic activity III Food security in BC, a major producer of vegetables and fruit, has fallen sharply under export focused government policies The facts show that export focused agri-food in Canada destroy jobs, puts farms out of business and has collapsed food security to only 30% or less for certified organic!! Building organic food security means shifting back more to eating foods we can grow here, eat an apple instead of a banana but we need to transition more money losing farmers to certified organic

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