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Robert Dixon

Healthy food, beyond what the science says about daily servings, is a personal choice. What you eat every day depends on your food literacy and what you learned about eating growing up in your family. Your body type also influences your response to different foods.

I personally found the ancient science of eating according to your body-type or dosha very helpful for our family. Deepak Chopra in his book Quantum Healing provides detailed questions on your eating habits so you can determine your own dosha and combination of the pure types. This is all based on the Ayruvedic science of eating that has been part of India for millenium.

Using the body-type as a guide to what foods to eat has been useful. Most of the food I eat is good for my body type combination. Of course this all took years to figure out and do on a daily basis. It is ok to eat foods that do not agree with your dosha, just do not indulge too much.

Observe the effect food has on your body, your mood and your ability to get things done. Healthy food has many definitions and we discussed some of this in our blog posts. Right now you do not have to do anything except look at the food your are eating now and see how you react to them. Do you feel happy and satisfied or stuffed and bloated with gas pains after eating food. Do you have the energy to do the work you need to do?

Are you eating for your body-type? Is healthy food within easy reach for everyone in your family? How can you tell if your GUT-Microbes are happy with your healthy food choices?