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Hello, I’m happy to join this forum and get into the discussion about healthy eating.

For me I keep it simple and aim to eat at least 5 fruits/vegetables a day and that method has worked well for me for the last several years. I think a lot of people can face different barriers to eating healthy and I agree with some of those reasons that Jane mentioned. I think another reason is that a lot of people make healthy eating seem way more complicated than it needs to be and because of that it can be more difficult to have the motivation to get started than it needs to be. I’ve read different sources of info on healthy eating over the years and I think a lot of that information can easily go over people’s heads and seem confusing and even contradictory. There’s always a new diet touted as the healthiest diet to use, and one year a certain food product is touted as really good, then later on it is said to be bad for you. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of the ever changing landscape of nutritional science.

I like to stick with the tried and true Mediterranean diet with an emphasis on 5 frutis/veggies each day (or more if possible) and that seems to work for me.