Good habits take time to become part of our daily routines (FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY). The web site has a great list of 27 things you can do every day for health maintenance.

Only some of the details for each point are provided in this excerpt of the article, which is listed as 27 Health and Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based By Kris Gunnars, BSc.

If you could just do one of these, it would be to get enough Vegetables and Fruits every day. Make sure they are nutrient dense organic local.

1. Don’t Drink Sugar Calories
2. Eat Nuts
3. Avoid Processed Junk Food (Eat Real Food Instead)
4. Don’t Fear Coffee
5. Eat Fatty Fish
6. Get Enough Sleep
The importance of getting enough quality sleep can not be overstated.
It may be just as important as diet and exercise, if not more.
Poor sleep can drive insulin resistance, throw your appetite hormones out of whack and reduce your physical and mental performance (26, 27, 28, 29).
What’s more, it is one of the strongest individual risk factors for future weight gain and obesity. One study showed that short sleep was linked to 89% increased risk of obesity in children, and 55% in adults (30).
7. Take Care of Your Gut Health With Probiotics and Fiber
8. Drink Some Water, Especially Before Meals
9. Don’t Overcook or Burn Your Meat
10. Avoid Bright Lights Before Sleep
11. Take Vitamin D3 if You Don’t Get Much Sun
12. Eat Vegetables and Fruits
Vegetables and fruits are the “default” health foods, and for good reason.
They are loaded with prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals and all sorts of antioxidants, some of which have potent biological effects.
Studies show that people who eat the most vegetables and fruits live longer, and have a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and all sorts of diseases (51, 52).
13. Make Sure to Eat Enough Protein
14. Do Some Cardio, or Just Walk More
15. Don’t Smoke or do Drugs, and Only Drink in Moderation
16. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil
17. Minimize Your Intake of Added Sugars
18. Don’t Eat a Lot of Refined Carbohydrates
19. Don’t Fear Saturated Fat
20. Lift Heavy Things
21. Avoid Artificial Trans Fats
22. Use Plenty of Herbs and Spices
23. Take Care of Your Relationships
24. Track Your Food Intake Every Now and Then
25. If You Have Excess Belly Fat, Get Rid of it
26. Don’t go on a “Diet”
27. Eat Eggs, and Don’t Throw Away The Yolk