Member Benefits Add to Free Content

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Member benefits are available for a small annual fee.
Everyone can make use of our free content, as outlined below.

FREE – core content:

Organic information for consumers that is kitchen friendly;
(help people plan nutrient dense meals to eat well)

Organic information for farmers that is field ready to apply to their farms;
(help biological farmers fertilize well to produce nutrient dense food)

A BLOG introduces some key ideas about food connections; (ready around the end of November) The other features will evolve slowly, like a fruit tree. These are some of the things we have planned:

People can read the Consumers FORUM, only members can post to the forum;


A small annual fee for big benefits;

Forums will let consumers and farmers talk amongst themselves. Paid-members can post to these forums

There will also be a forum where consumers can talk with farmers e.g ask questions, plan community events etc.

Members receive invitations to community events like workshops, presentations and farm based celebrations

People have a chance to support area farmers and secure price and supply stability in the face of climate-change uncertainty

Paid-Members will also be able to use the web-based productivity tools we are developing