Membership Agreement for web site hosting organic online community

NOTE: a copy of this agreement will be mailed to those who register to become a paid member

Our goal is to produce something that benefits people in communities in the Thompson – Okanagan region (and elsewhere too).

I hope and expect, everyone to be respectful of this web site and to other members of the community. Security precautions have been taken to protect the integrity of this web site, the data it contains, and the well-being of community members.

Please read this use agreement carefully and make sure you agree with what is written and intend to act with integrity:

I believe in organic local agri-food and the benefits provided that are supported by research .

I understand that all the information, discussions, blogs, and research presented are meant for educational purposes only.

I agree to respect this use agreement.

I agree to not cause damage to the web site or to be malicious towards community members.

I accept that no advertising or promoting causes will be allowed on the web site.

My understanding covering the use of data is that OK.O.S has the right to maintain a copy of non-personal data that might be used for commercial purposes. No personal information will be used or sold to anyone and will not be kept if accounts are closed.

This agreement can be terminated by either party with no hard feelings.

OK.O.S and Robert Dixon are not responsible for any negative consequences that emerge as a result of using this web site. Nor are any of the people working hard to support this web site. WE EXPECT EVERYONE TO HAVE A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE.

Thank you for being interested in building food self-reliance in the Thompson-Okanagan bioregion

Robert Dixon; owner and manager of OK.O.S
representative of the web site