Welcome ! I’m Organic Rob. Find out what we are doing to save the planet and give us a hand …

Help answer our food security questions and help fight climate change too.

How can talking help?

Talking about food security teaches you about carbon capture farming practices and healthy eating (the two are linked). Change how you eat and agriculture with up to 23% of Green House Gas emissions (GHGs), changes too.

Organic food security is also great for economic development and is a viable alternative to Tar Sands development (a major Canadian source of GHGs).

Help Yourself Help the Planet Help the Economy

Online forums will be added to our web site so paid members can talk and share stories and make plans.

There will be other benefits for members:

Ask questions about healthy food, organic practices and certification;
Receive invitations to farm celebrations, workshops and community events;
Be first in line to buy the food from our farmer members;
Become part of an organic community throughout the bio-region;
Share your stories of organic successes with like minded people;

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