Our goal is to provide practical research that you can apply to your farm on a large scale or a small urban farm.

Farmers are welcome to join our paid forums whether organic or transitional, or just interested in learning about organic farming practices.

Conventional farmers are good at balancing nitrogen with crop needs.
Organic farmers are good at crop rotations using cover crops.
Both types of farmers could learn more from talking with each other.

Check out these links below for some useful information:

Farmer Reading Room

Field Ready Research Sheets

Organic System Plan FORMS

Nutrient Management (fertilizing materials) is our first area of focus because that is the most pressing knowledge gap within the organic sector.

Fertilizing Well affects yields as well as building good soil structure or tilth. We can talk about that more in the Farmer’s forum.

Crop rotation planning and organic pest management will be dealt with as well. These areas are all linked anyway.