Can the Okanagan region of south central BC, Canada become food secure? What about Calgary, Alberta Canada, near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains? What about the area you live in?

Food security does not rely on imports. It means growing most of the food you eat where you live. Could the two regions work together since their major food production complements each other (fruit and meat)? Talking is how we find answers. People talking is how food security starts.

Help answer these questions and maybe help yourself too.

WHAT does food security mean to you?


WHY is food security important?


WHO does the actual work to build food security and increase organic supply?


WHERE to start the food security conversations?


HOW to change the Industrial Agri-Food Complex?


WHEN can the Kamloops to Calgary linked regions become food secure?


Talk with friends and family and co-workers, in small groups, to help build a consensus. Printing the questions and writing down your answers helps learn the information better.
Mail your answer pages to:
220 1606 Findlay Rd.
Kelowna, BC, Canada
V1X 6B8


#412 234 5149 Country Hills Blvd. NW
Calgary, Alberta,Canada
T3A 5K8

Send us your mailing address and we will give you back $2.00 for the stamps and envelope you had to spend money on. Thank you so much for helping answer these food security questions. Talking about food security is a way to start dealing effectively with the climate crisis !
You Can Learn To EAT To Support Carbon Capture Farming. The Grade 12 students in Kelowna, BC Canada helped answer our food security questions. Mail us your answers and we will send you the student’s Answers to compare with yours Do you agree with what the students said?